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NS DESIGN・エヌエスデザイン / CR4 Amber エレクトリックチェロ【smtb-tk】 商品番号 nsdesigne-cr4-ab-cello 価格 366,338円 税込 すべての配送方法と送料を見る すべての配送方法と送料を見る ※ログインすると、登録した都道府県の. NS Design CR4-AM CR Cello 4st Amber Solid-body, Polar PU, Dual Mode Preamp 《エレキチェロ》 【送料無料】【ONLINE STORE】 楽天市場 ジャンル一覧. NS Design/CR4-AM CR Cello 4st Amber Solid-body, Polar PU, Dual Mode Preamp 《エレキチェロ》 状態 :S :新品 ・デジマートヘルプ:商品のご注文/お問い合わせについて. The solid-body NS Cello, designed by Ned Steinberger, is now available in this affordable NS Design CR4 Electric 4-String 4/4 Cello. This remarkable instrument is able to produce the delicate and precise tones of its acoustic parent. The cello / e-cello conceptions, which have been known so far, are being replaced by the NS design cello. It is lightweight, compact and can be mounted in different ways using a spiked system, a boomerang belt or a strap system. This makes it possible to play between the knees, as a guitar, or as a cello for playing while standing.

NS Design CR 4-String Electric Cello - Amber DESIGNED BY NED STEINBERGER The NS CR Cello, designed by Ned Steinberger, available with 4, 5 or 6-strings, features active electronics, and able to produce the delicate and precise tones of its acoustic parent as well as to create exciting new sounds through the tone shaping geometry of its innovative Polar piezo pickup system. NS Design CR4-AM CR PU Cello チェロ クロサワ楽器60周年記念SHOPのNS 4st Amber Solid-body, Polar PU, Dual Mode Preamp エレキチェロ 送料無料【ONLINE STORE】開業をお考えの方 不動産業者検索 物件をお探しの方. 2015/05/04 · The energetic response of the NS Cello can be tamed to deliver a traditional cello tone, or set loose to explore new territory. Interchangeable Support Systems The NS Cello, as with all of Ned Steinberger's concert instrument designs, features a common mount that allows the use of a range of interchangeable support systems, to suit any playing style, in any performance environment. NS DESIGNエヌ・エス・デザイン社製、エレクトリック・ヴァイオリンのご紹介ページです。宮地楽器立川立飛店、店頭でも展示中。 CRシリーズ チェコの工房で製作されるフラッグシップモデル。Polar社のピックアップが搭載されたアクティブ・タイプのエレクトロニクスを採用。. NS Design CR4 Electric Cello Rowsby 89 Active CelloChatter Rowsby 89 Post Mar 23, 2009 1 2009-03-23T16:09 Howdy, I've just ordered a CR4 Cello from NS Designs, and was wondering if anyone here has had any experience.

ブルームズ Yahoo!ショップの NS DESIGN・エヌエスデザイン / CR4 Amber エレクトリックチェロ:nsdesigne-cr4-ab-celloならYahoo!ショッピング!ランキングや口コミも豊富なネット通販。更にお得なPayPay残高も!スマホアプリも充実で毎日どこ. 4-String Electric Cello With active pickup system, Built-in EQ and headphone output, Neck and body made of solid sycamore, Richlite composite fingerboard, Padded bag and tripod included Even if chocolate chip is on your mind, our.

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